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406 - 2020 NACHA Operating Rules & Guidelines

Hard Copy

The 2020 Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines is the premier source for information governing the exchange and settlement of transactions through the ACH Network. The Nacha Operating Rules provide the legal framework for the ACH Network in simple, clear and consistent language. The Nacha Operating Guidelines contain complete discussions of each ACH Network participant type and its role and obligations, as well as detailed overview of the Standard Entry Class Codes.

The Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines in Print is an essential component of every ACH Network participant’s library, as a valuable hard copy reference and a must for important and required contingency planning purposes. Purchase the Rules in Print product with other available formats (recommended, Online Resource and Digital Access) to provide additional means of convenient online and mobile access to the Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines.

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ACH Quick Reference Cards for Financial Institutions

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406DA - 2020 Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines - Digital Access (eBook)

This secure, searchable, portable, Adobe-based (eBook) product is the best replacement for the former Rules CD-ROM and provides convenient, read-only access, with no available print function, to the digital 2020 Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines - on up to two devices simultaneously. Content delivery is identical to the previous CD-ROM format appearing as the Rules in print via digital presentation. Once the app is downloaded and the subscription code redeemed, internet access is no longer required to view the content from anywhere at anytime. The product works with a variety of devices and operating systems to include:

• PC/Windows
• Mac(OSX)
• Android phones and tablets Apple
• iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)
• Kindle

Please Note: All digital purchases are final.

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406OL - 2020 Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines - Online Resource (web-based)

This web-based interactive Nacha Operating Rules online resource website is a full HTML tool that has been divided into sections for easy browsing and searching of the content. This resource has been set up to take advantage of HTML5 website, allowing for an easy and responsive viewing experience from a desktop computer, laptop or a mobile device with enhanced product features:

• Customized Bookmarking
• Keyword/Phrase Search
• Copy options
• Printing options

Subscription access to the 2020 Nacha Operating Rules Online runs from December 31, 2019 through December 31, 2020.

Please Note: All purchases are final.

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2020 Quick Reference Card Bundle

Quick Reference Cards for Exception Handling

Currently being updated for 2020,  we will ship when available, PAR/WACHA's Quick Reference Cards for Exception Handling provide easy reference to a range of Nacha Rules and other regulatory requirements, including:

  • Timeframes
  • Returns, Dishonored Returns, and Corrected/Contested Dishonored Returns
  • Error Resolution and Stop Payments
  • Government Returns
  • Notification of Change (NOC) and Refused NOC
  • ACH Operator and Gateway Returns
  • Returned Check (RCK) Entry Returns
  • Corporate Entry Returns
  • Transaction Codes, Record Retention, and Glossary
  • How to complete a Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit form

Government Payments Exception Handling Cards

These cards are durable for your desktop and right at your fingertips to get all the critical information for handling government exceptions. These detailed cards are a must for every financial institution.

Newly updated, these handy cards contain the information you need when processing your federal government payment exceptions. They provide a simple and quick way to lookup the required information from The Green Book: A Guide to Federal Government ACH Payments and Collections. Government Payments Exception Handling Cards are durable for your desktop and provide critical information right at your fingertips regarding: 

  • Posting and Returning Federal Government Benefit Payments
  • Death Notification Entries (DNEs)
  • Reclamations and Liability
  • Tele-Trace/ Non-Receipt
  • Garnishments
  • Federal Tax Refunds

Frontline ACH Quick Reference Cards

These user-friendly cards contain the information your frontline staff needs to know about ACH. The Frontline ACH Quick Reference Cards are provided to you in an electronic format to allow for customization and distribution. Designed to assist your frontline staff with handling payment calls and inquiries from accountholders, the cards provide critical information right at their fingertips regarding: 

  • ACH Overview and Participants
  • Standard Entry Class (SEC) code basics and SEC Code Reference Chart
  • Funds Availability
  • Return Timeframes
  • Stop Payments
  • Error Resolution and Exception Processing Chart
  • Federal Government Payments: Deceased Accountholders and Tele-trace/Non-Receipt

Limited Supply Available!

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569 - A Bank's Quick Reference Guide to ACH Origination

Electronic Document

A Bank’s Quick Reference Guide to ACH origination is designed to assist banks in establishing and maintaining successful ACH origination operations. Written from a bank’s perspective, this easy to-use Guide examines the risks of origination, explains preliminary requirements of origination and discusses the responsibilities of the ODFI. Specific ACH payment applications are addressed, allowing the user to concentrate on the transactions it plans to originate. Whether your bank is considering originating loan payments from another financial institution for its account holders, is considering offering Direct Deposit via ACH or seeks to offer a full suite of origination services for its business clients, this is a “must have” tool.

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647 - AAP Core Concepts: A Study Guide

The ACH Core Concepts Study Guide is designed to reinforce fundamental ACH concepts found on the AAP exam. The Guide is easy to read and the graphic format is especially useful for the comprehension of difficult concepts such as Legal framework, Payment Systems comparisons, and much more. We've also provided space for you to add additional notes. An ideal resource for studying for the AAP Exam!

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562 - ACH Agreements and Tools

Electronic Version

Now includes Same Day ACH addendum. This useful suite of easily customizable tools include standard ACH and Third-Party Sender agreements. The sample agreements include a shell ODFI/ Originator ACH Agreement, ODFI /Third-Party Sender Agreement and separate agreements designed for specific ACH applications offered by the financial institution, including IAT and Same Day ACH. Helpful tools to assist in the origination process such as information sheets, transmittal registers, file control logs, calendars, processing schedules, checklists and sample authorizations are also included. The new Same Day ACH addendum may be used in conjunction with agreements created using this tool or as a stand-alone addition to any standard ACH Origination agreement.

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537 - ACH Block/Filter Agreement

As financial institutions see an increase in fraud attempts on all payment types, ACH customers are looking to use anti-fraud services like ACH Blocks/Filters and ACH Positive Pay. These services help the customers to control and/or monitor ACH activity. This contains a customizable Microsoft Word document that includes critical forms and conditions between these parties.

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540 - ACH Corporate User Guide on CD

The ACH Corporate User Guide on CD is an excellent resource for companies/business ACH users. It is also an excellent resource for financial institutions. This guide on CD has been updated to include information for companies/business on the International ACH Entry (IAT). Developed to help companies establish and maintain a successful ACH origination program, this guide includes useful tools to assist a company or financial institution. What’s inside: corporate responsibilities; exception processing; specific application concerns for numbers applications; list of return reason codes and much more. For Windows XP, Vista and Mac. Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 required.

2020 Version Available April, 2020


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673 - ACH Management Policies

Downloadable Word Document

Updated for Same-Day ACH and Third-Party Sender Registration ACH Rules Changes! Ensure your institution has appropriate policies and procedures in place to limit your liability and set a strategic direction for ACH services with this valuable resource. Sample language within this tool reflect the elements of the OCC 2006-39: ACH Risk Management Guidance, NACHA Rules Compliance Audit and other areas of consideration. Use the sample language in this policy to customize your institution's ACH Risk Management Program to address the responsibilities for management, as well as the Updated for Same-Day ACH Rules and Third-Party Sender Registration ACH Rules Changes! Ensure your institution has appropriate policies and procedures in place to limit your liability and set a strategic direction for ACH services with this valuable resource. Sample language within this tool reflect the elements of the OCC 2006-39: ACH Risk Management Guidance, NACHA Rules Compliance Audit and other areas of consideration. Use the sample language in this policy to customize your institution's ACH Risk Management Program to address the responsibilities for management, as well as the RDFI and ODFI functions. Downloadable Word Document. (2018)

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509 - ACH Origination Agreements

Electronic Version

Updated for Same Day ACH! This product, in Microsoft Word, provides a modifiable and NACHA-compliant template for defining the responsibilities of Originators. In addition to the agreement, your purchase includes sample Direct Deposit and Direct Payment Authorization Forms; Sample Transmittal Schedule; Federal Reserve Bank Holiday Schedule; and a Principal/Owner Guaranty.

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ACH Origination Application

Electronic Publication

Available for download. The ACH Origination Application offers ODFIs a streamlined application for businesses applying for ACH Origination Services. The interactive PDF is available for immediate download and is easily branded by the financial institution. The easy-to-use application captures all pertinent information such as applicant contact information, credit references, forecasted ACH Origination activity, account information and the ODFI’s conclusion(s). This tool ideally complements the Origination Checklist and the Originator Risk Calculator.


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560 - ACH Quick Reference Cards for Financial Institutions

A seven-card series including codes and timeframes for: ACH Returns, Dishonored and Contested Dishonored Returns, Notifications of Change (NOC), Special Exceptions (including Operator Rejects and Government Payments), Electronic Check Applications, IAT, WEB and TEL. These colorful and durable desktop reference cards provide fingertip access to critical information for proper handling of these ACH items. The cards also include helpful tips and commonly asked questions and answers regarding exception handling. Members overwhelmingly agree that this seven-card reference set is one of the most useful ACH resources available to them. These cards have been updated to include information about the updates to the R17 Return Reason Code for Questionable Entries.


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561 - ACH Quick Reference Guide

Electronic Version

An operational resource for basic ACH information in an easy to use format. This publication includes RDFI responsibilities related to ACH Rules compliance obligations, a glossary of ACH terms and easy to understand information on handling exceptions. This publication is a great educational resource for training new operations employees.

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553 - APRP Flashcards

These APRP Flash Cards are offered as an important study aid for exam candidates.

Each robust set contains 210 cards based on the information contained in NACHA’s official APRP study guide, color-coded by content area. Keeping the ease of use and organization for the exam candidate in mind, each set is enclosed in a sturdy but lightweight plastic box.


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501 - Becoming an ODFI Implementation Toolkit

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554 - Check/Image Flashcards

Need to brush up on your check/image knowledge? These flash cards are a convenient study aid consisting of over 225 cards covering general check information, rules/regulation/law, fraud and risk mitigation, products, standards and operational issues.

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592 - Corporate ACH User Quick Reference Cards

This tool, modeled after the popular ACH Quick Reference Cards for Financial Institutions, is specifically designed for Corporate ACH users. This three-card series gives Originators fingertip access to critical information for the correct handling of ACH Returns, Dishonored Returns, Standard Entry Class (SEC) codes, Transaction codes and Notifications of Change (NOC). This is an ideal tool to assist with Originator education and rule compliance, which is a responsibility of the ODFI. These colorful and durable desktop reference cards provide ACH basics, including prenotifications, for the Originator along with the explanations for Return Reason codes, NOC codes, SEC codes, transaction codes and solutions for handling ACH exception entries. These quick reference cards are a great way to provide Originators tools now that the ACH Rules - Corporate Edition has been retired.


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418 - Healthcare EFT Standard Implementation Guide NACHA CCD+ Addenda

The purpose of the Healthcare EFT Standard Implementation Guide is to provide the healthcare industry with information on payment processing between the Health Plan to the Provider and for implementing the healthcare EFT Standard for Stage 1 Payment Initiation, as defined by the Standards for Healthcare Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs) and Remittance Advice.  Chapters cover:  The Healthcare EFT Standard at a glance; NACHA, the NACHA Operating Rules, and changes to support healthcare EFT payments; ACH Network fundamentals; ACH formatting requirements; healthcare EFT and ERA operating Rules; and Resources.

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559 - IAT Quick Reference Cards for the RDFI

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NACHA Rules Book Tabs

Purchase your own set of Tabs for the NACHA Rules Book. Tabs provide quick reference when handling the most common ACH issues such as unauthorized returns, return deadlines, obligation of the RDFI to post ACH items, notifications of change, obligations of the ODFI, funds availability and more.

Members receive one complimentary copy of the Rules Book. Tabs are sold separately.

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474 - Navigating the Simplified NACHA Operating Rules

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481 - Same Day ACH - A Guide to Opportunities and Implementation

This publication explores developments made possible by the advent of Same Day ACH. The publication delves into new product and service opportunities afforded FIs with Same Day ACH, as well as detailing steps to implementation and preparedness on an operational front.

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665 - Standard Entry Class (SEC) Code Detail Cards

A complete 5-card set, includes ten SEC Codes: ARC, POP, BOC, RCK, WEB, TEL, PPD, CCD &CTX; PLUS IAT. These durable desktop reference cards contain the most up-to-date details pertaining to the specific rules unique to each SEC Code. The requirements and special rules, including return information is detailed on these cards which are invaluable to all ACH Participants. This ideal tool can assist financial institutions with Rule Compliance whether originating or receiving these types of ACH transactions, plus help aid in Originator education. These detail cards are a must for all financial institutions and originators alike.

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425G - Stop Payment Fillable PDF Form

This Electronic Stop Payment Request Order provides concise explanations on stop payment requests for single or recurring entries to consumer accounts; stop payment requests on paper items; and stop payment requests for entries to non-consumer accounts. This fillable PDF form contains all the necessary information your financial institution needs to easily comply with these requests.

Minimum system requirement - Adobe Reader.

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519 - Third Party Service Provider Agreement

Updated for Same-Day ACH! As Originators use Third-Party Service Providers for their ACH needs, the ODFI needs to ensure that all parties are informed of and accountable for their obligations under the rules, regulations, and laws governing ACH. This product is a comprehensive service agreement between ODFI, Originator, and Third-Party Service Provider in customizable Microsoft Word format.

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615 - Understanding Internet-Initiated ACH Debits & Credits – 3rd Edition

This recently updated publication reflects a changing ecommerce environment over the last several years, together with important changes to the WEB Rules – specifically, the Mobile ACH Payments Rule effective January 1, 2011 which incorporated ACH debits authorized and/or initiated via wireless networks into the pre-existing category of Internet-Initiated Entries (WEB), and the P2P Entries via ACH Rule, which allows the use of credit WEB Entries by Originators as of March 7, 2014, and requires the use of credit WEB Entries by March 20, 2015. Topics covered include; Authorization and Authentication; Originator Obligations; Risk Management; Electronic Bill Payment, and Person to Person Payments. 

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426G - Written Statement Fillable PDF Forms

As an RDFI, you must have a completed Written Statement of Unauthorized Debit (WSUD) before returning a debit entry. The dated form has clear and concise information about what return reason code to use and is fully NACHA compliant. You have the capability to fill out the PDF form online or email it to your customer for them to complete and provide back to you.

Minimum system requirement - Adobe Reader.

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