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830 - ACH Product Sales & Marketing Handbook

This publication explores strategies and solutions for extending ACH products and services to financial institutions' business and consumer customers. Supporting increased understanding of ACH marketing and sales opportunities, the publication is written to help financial institutions in marketing and using ACH services in support of their business, government and consumer customers.

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659 - Guidelines for Billers and Walk-in Payment Providers

The Council for Billing and Payment (CEBP) developed this document as a tool to provide billers and walk-in payments providers (WIPPs) with guidelines regarding the collection and transmission of bill payments from consumers to billers. Payments service providers, billers, and financial institutions are increasingly being challenged by developments related to the risk, compliance and technology associated with walk-in payments (consumer bill payments made at a physical location).

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440 - Marketing Electronic Billing & Payment to Consumers

This publication from NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association and the Council for Electronic Billing and Payment is designed to assist you in achieving high rates of participation for your EBPP program. Many corporations and other organizations that send bills to consumers offer Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) as an alternative to paper bills and check payments. Consumer participation is the key to realizing the expected benefits from EBPP, such as cost reduction, processing efficiencies, and customer retention. This Guide defines customer segmentation and marketing techniques designed to increase consumer usage of EBPP service across the spectrum of biller industries. Biller profiles are also provided, illustrating how these techniques are being applied.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction and Purpose
Chapter 2: Four Critical Elements of a Successful EBPP Marketing Plan
Chapter 3: Case Studies
Chapter 4: Marketing EBPP through Customer Service Representatives
Chapter 5: Marketing and Advertising EBPP Services
Chapter 6: Web Service Pages

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